Friday, May 13, 2011

Cutie Post-It Notes :)

Hello All!!! I hope you are having this lovely sunshine that I am!!! If not though, I will soak up some extra for you. ;)  Ok, down to business. This nifty lil treasure is a fancy holder for a pad of sticky notes. The next ones I do will have a magnet on the back so they can hang on the fridge...these are just decorated on the back.

 The slot on the side holds a mini gel pen perfectly. :)

The flowers are Wild Orchid, papers are my usual ;) everything else was in my stash!! These are great because they are small enough that you can use up little things that would look dumb on a card lol....

Here is an open view so you can see how perfectly these fit in here.....
Have a great day!! Off to a baseball game I go...  :)

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